Thursday, March 27, 2008

24bn Spent on overseas property

Brits spent close to £24bn acquiring properties overseas in 2007, according to the Association of International Property Professionals' (AIPP).

The Associations annual market report reveals that there were around 242,000 completed overseas property purchases made by British buyers, up 21% on 2006.

Spain was the most popular destination; figures show that 25.4% of all Brits buying property abroad last year bought a home in Spain. France came second (17%), followed by USA (9.7%). Bulgaria was the fourth most popular overseas property destination, making it the leading emerging market last year.

"Some may be surprised to hear that Spain is still at number one as the primary destination for Britons buying property abroad as there has been some negative media coverage over the Spanish property market", Paul Owen, CEO of AIPP said. "However, our figures show it is still the favourite destination for the British buyer; even a six per cent decrease in purchases did not manage to knock it from top spot."

Displayed in chronological order, the remainder of the top 10 destinations for British buyers in 2007 was: Morocco (4.9%), Dubai (4.8%), Italy (3.7%), Portugal (3.6%), Cyprus (2.9%) and Turkey (2%).

Figures collated in this report are for completed property transactions only and not for deposits paid. Consequently, the AIPP claim that this is "the most reliable source of information in the industry", because every transaction can be verified.

Monday, March 17, 2008

about Akbuk

Akbuk has become a rising trend on Real Estate industry with its nature as well as its history. It used to be a small town where all fishermen caught delicious Aegean seabass, but now it is a rapidly growing tourism resort with its holiday complexes as well as summer houses, villas, harbour, hotels...

Akbuk became a township in 1991 and is developing quite nicely just as planned. Most of the infrastructural work has been done. Clean roads, beautiful and very calm beaches welcome you to Akbuk as it is an ideal resort for those who love quiet times alongside water sports. Many people who come here from big cities decide to stay here after their
retirement. It has been explored by tour operators in recent years but

The economy related tourism in recent years has made available the local
fishermen's boats for boat trips along the coasts of Akbuk for the
duration of the summer months. During your visit to Akbuk, the chapel
on the coast line close to the town center is very well preserved and
can be visited since it is open to the public.
There are big holiday resorts, 3 star hotels and also one 4 star hotel,
along with one resort for French tour operators rated at 5 stars; There
are also small pensions, motels available during the summer season.
Restaurants by the sea, serve delicious fish and local food that should
not be missed, which all can be had at reasonable prices . -

How to get there:
There are local transport minibusses with a sign post "Akbük Birlik" runs in every 20 minutes between Altinkum - Akbuk and in every 20 minutes between Söke - Akbük.
If you are travelling from Izmir to bodrum; second crossroad after Didim turn a nice climb before lake bafa on the right, you will see sign post indicating AKBUK also Didim.
After turning right keep driving you will aproach another crossroad the turn for Didim city center on the right. But for Akbuk, just ignore it and keep driving will take you to big hotel complexes ie. Caprice hotel, Holiday Resort. Then you will see Sapli Ada (an island) on the right. After Sapli Ada last stop will be Akbuk City center. Theres also a pass way to Iassos ancient town which most jeep safari excursions organized to, and Bodrum highway connection followed by.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Akbuk in Turkey

Akbuk is a very popular tourist destination in Turkey. It is located in the centre of Turkey’s popular coast and lies between Didim and Bodrum. A perfect holiday destination, it is set in beautiful natural settings in close proximity to the sea. Large expanse of protected forests and olive groves lends a natural green glow to this town while enjoying highest level of oxygen and lowest levels of humidity. You can also relax and rejuvenate sunning and swimming on numerous clean beaches and private bays!